We have a team of qualified therapists that offer professional and individualised services to our clients.

In person and telehealth sessions are available.



Individual 50 minute session (Psychologist) - $200

Individual 50 minute session (Mental Health Social Worker) - $170

Individual 50 minute session (Counsellor) - $75

Individuals can access counselling privately or via a referral from their GP.

Medicare or Private Health rebates may be applicable in some circumstances.


Our practice has a Psychologist, Mental Health Social Worker, Counsellor or Therapy Assistant who can offer support for NDIS participants who are Self-managed or Plan-managed. 

Fees are charged at standard NDIS rates.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments (without Cognitive Assessment) - $1400

Includes: Clinical interview/observations (2-3hrs), Vineland-3 Adaptive Functioning assessment and interpretationReport preparation aligning with the DSM-5 criteria for ASD, & follow up session (if required).

* If school/day-care observations are required an additional fee of $200 per hour is charged.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments (with Cognitive Assessment using the WISC-V - testing, scoring, interpretation) - $2000

Cognitive Assessment $1200

WISC-V Testing, Test scoring and Interpretation, Comprehensive report and recommendations, & Follow up session (if required)

Adaptive Functioning Assessment (Vineland-3) $600


* Other assessments are available by request.


* Please contact our office to discuss pricing.

  • Children's Yoga workshop for Stress & Anxiety (4 weeks)

  • Best of Friends TM Social and Emotional Learning workshop (10 weeks)

  • Zones of Regulation TM- Emotional regulation program (10 weeks)

  • Take Action TM CBT program for anxiety (8 weeks)

  • Circle of Security Parenting TM (8 weeks)

Some of our workshops can be covered under NDIS funding, however it is recommended that you check with your individual plan/plan managers.