Children's Yoga Workshops

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is a rewarding practice for all ages!!


The benefits of yoga include improved flexibility & posture, building muscle strength, increasing blood flow & strengthening the spine. Yoga is effective in the development of balance & coordination, helps maintain the nervous system & supports good digestion.

Yoga also helps enhance mood & concentration, promotes relaxation & helps reduce symptoms of stress & anxiety. Yoga practice aides in the release of tension & helps develop self esteem & self confidence!

Our children's yoga workshops are aimed at helping children use the benefits of yoga in combination with the cognitive & practical approaches of psychology. The focus of these workshops is to help & support children in managing their mental health . Our workshops are inclusive, interactive, engaging and practical! We offer workshops for children aged between 5 & 10 years and our tween/teen workshop have been developed for children aged 11 to 16 years. Each participant in the workshop receives tools and resources so they can continue to practice at home, consolidating what has been learnt throughout the workshop. 


Yoga Pricing

Children's (aged 5-10yrs)

4 week workshop - $120

Tween/Teen (aged 11-16yrs)

4 week workshop - $120

Want to run your own children's yoga workshops?

The Inspiring Minds Children's Yoga Workshop package can be purchased for use in schools or clinics!