Zones of Regulation Program

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We are now offering individual or group Zones of Regulation sessions!

What are the Zones of Regulation?

The Zones help children identify emotions & develop tools to help them regulate their emotions!

Emotions can be confusing and overwhelming, and the Zones is about developing social awareness and helps children learn to understand the connection between their sensory systems and their emotions, and how that relates to the world around them.

As part of this program children will:

  • Identify their feelings & level of alertness

  • Understand their feelings in context to themselves and the world around them

  • Learn effective regulation tools

  • Identify when & how to use those tools

  • Problem solve solutions

  • Understand how their behaviours influence others’ thoughts & feelings

The Zones of Regulation helps teach independent regulation using four coloured zones that categorise feelings & states of alertness 

Blue zone: Can be thought of like a rest stop sign on the side of the road. This is for emotions where we feel tired, sad, sick, or bored.

Green zone: Is when we have calm energy and may feel focused, happy, okay, or ready to learn.

Yellow zone: Is when we have more energy and when feelings get a little stronger. We might feel excited, silly, frustrated, or worried.

Red zone: Is when our feelings are so big that we think we might burst such as being angry or terrified.

The Zones works on the premise that there are no 'bad' zones. It embraces the experience of being in these zones, with the intention to teach children how to manage when they are in different zones. 

NDIS funding can often be used for this program to help work towards participants emotional regulation goal!